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Backcountry and The Nature Conservancy

Partners in Protecting Nature

Spending time outside is at the heart of our business here at Backcountry, and its central to the lives of our community and employees alike. Yet, often when humans interact with nature, we leave it worse than we found it. That’s why, starting in 2008, Backcountry and The Nature Conservancy joined forces to protect and restore the natural landscapes, habitats and resources that we all enjoy.

Working together

We chose to collaborate with the Conservancy because of our shared values—to get people outside and interacting with the natural world without harming it. Together, we’re working to make this a reality. We ask for a $1 donation amount, built into the shopping cart checkout, to make it easy as possible for you to donate, but that’s just the beginning of how we’re helping protect the outdoors that we all love.

Showing support

Two national monuments in our backyard here at Backcountry have been in the spotlight recently. Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments have been threatened by new legislation that would reduce the protected areas. We helped The Nature Conservancy collect over 130,000 signatures showing the public support for the protection of these areas.

Volunteering time

To further our long-standing partnership with The Nature Conservancy, we’ve started to organize work events on TNC land or protected areas. Recently, a few of our Backcountry employees, Gearheads, and customers headed into the Matheson Preserve in Moab to revegetate a small yet integral area in the nearly 900-acre wetland.

Donating money

With the assistance of thousands of customers, Backcountry has raised nearly $650,000 in donations for The Nature Conservancy. Backcountry has made nearly $125,000 in corporate gifts to the Conservancy, and starting in 2014, we started asking customers to add $1 to their order as a donation, all of which goes directly to the Nature Conservancy. We’ve also created limited edition custom products that support some of their larger efforts, like the Colorado River.

Over the coming years, we look forward to more volunteering, donating, and showing our support for The Nature Conservancy as they work to protect and restore the places where we live, work and play. And we hope that every one of you will help us in supporting them too. If you’d like to sign up to advocate for nature, volunteer near you or to make a larger donation (and we’d encourage you to do all three), you can visit ?The Nature Conservancy website.

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